Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I really love outdoor sports and I don't like to close myself in a gym to work out ... but here in Dallas, TX it is really hot even to think going running outside ... and as a WORLD CHAMPION (this is the way I introduce myself in these days ... "My name is Andrea Bonanomi, I am from Italy ... and as you know ... I am the 4 times World Champion!") ... I need to think to my fitness ... and I am tired to drink beer and eat cheeseburgers ... :o ... so yesterday ... I decided to enroll to the GYM ... the minimum enrollment is 6 months ... and even if I am not sure how many more weeks I will have to spend here ... I think it is worthwhile to start doing something ... I guess my model is not exactly the guy in this poster ...

... but of course ... if this work out will work well ... and I will get this body .... I will propose myself as next Governor of California! The GYM is really nice and when I am going there (not earlier than 7PM) is pretty much empty ...

... and I don't know if it is a good or a bad thing ... I guess one of the interesting thing you can do in a gym is to know new people. For now my program has been very simple ... stretching, weight lifting, running, stretching and some final weight lifting and stretching ... in total 45' yesterday and 45' minutes today ... at the moment I am of running with a loose plan as usual ... but if you have advices to give me let me know ... :D ... but I think that in the next days I will meet a "personal trainer" who will help me to better understand what I can do and how ...


"SPG" said...


What I normally did (when I was more disciplined last year, hah!), was to do:

1. stretching (about 5-8mins)
2. cardio (running/brisk walk on the treadmill, or cycling about 30mins)
3. muscle strengthening (a variety of weight-lifting etc, about 30 mins)
4. cooling down, stretching (about 10 mins)

That works for me. But I believe different regimes work differently for different people. So, until you consult your personal trainer, you might wanna try this! =)

p.s. I didn't have a trainer before, 'cos I think their services are exhorbitant! Hah!


Andrea said...

Thanks ... :) XA

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