Saturday, July 29, 2006


So ... I am back home ... in LA ... I landed last night from DALLAS, TX ... I was hungry was really late ... so I decided to make a pilgrimage to my favorite burger place ... the beeeest ... the unique ... IN N OUT ... burgers are great ... really fresh ... the same for the FF ... they peel and dice the potatoes in the restaurant in front of you ... and the one in the picture is in INGLEWOOD BLVD which is on the way between the LAX airport and HERMOSA BEACH ...... my very strong suggestion is ... if you guys will ever come to visit CALIFORNIA, NEVADA or ARIZONA make sure to check if there is a IN N OUT close to where you are ... really they are the beeeeeeeeeeest ... and don't forget to check out their SECRET MENU (you can easily find it on INTERNET) ... basically there are orders that are not in the regular menu that is exposed in the restaurants ... but if you ask them you will get them ... w/o any problem ... they will appear also on your receipt ... last night I did order a DOUBLE DOUBLE ANIMAL STYLE w/ FF and SODA ... DOUBLE DOUBLE is in the menu ... but the ANIMAL STYLE addiction is only in the secret menu ... really good to know about it ... and don't forget that IN N OUT are the guys who invented the DRIVE THRU ... you can't miss it ... :O


James Midkiff said...

IN N OUT IS THE BEST FAST FOOD CHAIN IN CALIFORNIA. I went there when I was in Long Beach. The burgers are absolutely unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

I was in Long Beach for few years and me and my friends lived on IN N OUT burgers for these years!

don't know how we'd have spent those days without it.....

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