Thursday, July 20, 2006


It is 7PM here in DALLAS ... and at this time I should be on my UNITED flight 743 on my way to DENVER, CO ... this time I am not flying for business ... this time is a personal trip ... on SATURDAY I am supposed to attend to a friend wedding in VAILE, CO ... but again that's only the plan ... the truth is that my flight was supposed to take off at 6.50PM and it is now scheduled at 11.50PM ... and I am still here in the DFW airport ... this is the "business lounge" from where I am posting ...

... trying to avoid to hear what the TV is broadcasting and and trying to have some work done ... I have an important presentation on Monday in WASHINGTON DC and my boss wasn't particularly happy that today I left the office at 5PM without any draft version of the presentation ... when I left the office and I tried to tease him telling him ... "You are getting worried, aren't you?" ... his answer has been "No. I am already worried!" ... at that point I told him ... "Mmmm ... don't worry ... I am Italian ... we are used to win the matches either in the overtime or at the penalties" ... but he didn't laugh ... I guess that if things won't go in the right way on Monday in DC ... I will get in trouble ... so ... I think these 5 hours delay are just a blessing ... I can work here ... prepare my slides ... work other 3 hours on the plane ... and there you go ... I managed to have an other 8 hours working day ... yep ... I guess I am a lucky guy ... :S

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