Wednesday, July 12, 2006


This is the way I cheer all my friends (even the one who don't care about football) in these days ...

... of course, the first time, nobody really understand what I mean ... and the question is always "What do you mean?" ... so I explain them that the first stand for 4, the second stands for W, like WORLD, and the third stands for C, like CUPS ... so they understand I am referring the the 4 WORLD CUPS that Italy won so far ... I have to admit that this is particularly funny with the European colleagues who like to criticize ITALY even in this moment ... of course some of these critics are "part of the game" ... working in an international environment it is part of the daily activity tease each other with some small stereotype ... and I have to say that I like it ... in a way it keeps my attention alive ... and it keeps me motivated to demonstrate that I am something better than their stereotypes ... the funniest are for example some colleagues from Central - North Europe who likes to claim that Italians are lazy ... of course the same people is pretty much always leaving the office when the sun is still very high over the horizon ... and when I make them think about it ... the answer is pretty much always the same ... of course they were better organized and the Italians have to stay in the office until 8PM because they are not organized at all ... :) ... which again ... probably it is true ... especially in my case ... :o ... anyways ... trying to speak about facts I will continue to cheer them in the same way ... 4WC ... because it is really nice ... time to time to have a chance to brag around ... :D ... and it will save money that otherwise would go to the counselor (i.e. this is, I believe, the funny way the psycologist is called here in US) wallet ... ahahaha .. :)

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filale97 said...

good job Andrea, keep reminding your friends the "4WC", maybe in the next decades-centuries, it will happen also to their countries to win something like that....:-).....
baci e ciao!

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