Thursday, July 13, 2006


This morning I decided to buy some grapes and bring it to the office ... you know as a healthy break ... so I washed it, I put some of it on a small plate, I bring it to the project room where I worked today, I put the plate on the table ... and while I was taking a couple of grapes ... I looked at it and I simply loved the combination of colors of grapes, plate, table and ... ethernet cable ... so i decided to take a picture of it ...

... of course my colleague looked at me ... like I was doing the weirdest thing ever ... and he asked me if I had never seen the grape before ... and I thought ... that it is so weird how often we tend to miss the beauty that is surrounding us every day. I guess ... either we don't see it or we don't want to see it ... and probably when we see it either we give it for granted or we don't think it is appropriate to highlight it ... bottom line ... we don't enjoy it ... what a pity, though ... I truly believe that beauty is one of the blessing of our lifes ... but of course a blessing is not such if we can't really enjoy it ... BTW ... grapes was really good ... :D

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Anonymous said...

We are enjoying Washington cherries while reading your grape story.


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