Sunday, July 09, 2006



... yes ... we are WORLD CHAMPIONS ... who cares about all the rest ... :D ... I love all you guys ... and yes ... it sounds soooo gooooood ... PIZZA, PASTA, MAFIA and CAMPIONI DEL MONDO!!!!!


sharon&yoav said...

kol hakavod!!!!!
we r proud !
bravi gli italiani ...sempre piu grandi belli e ti danno felicita.. sito e bellisimo sembra che fai una bella vita
sharon e yoav

Ronen said...

Hey dude,

Some credit to the one who said Italy will be the champ since the begining ;-)

Congratulations !!!

Except that (to be fair):
1. The Italian played shit on the 2nd half. but worse than that - they did not play at all...
2. I feel sorry for Zidane more than for the Italian "dude"...

A bit made me feel like France wanted the cup more... Not that it makes any difference but I hoped for some "style" and will from a team who wants to be the World champ.

Andrea said...

WOW ... what a nice coincidence ... 2 comments from my Israeli friends ... and on top of that ... I have to say that in the last minutes ... just before Zidane was kicked out ... AVI (an other Israeli friend) made a small prayer for the Italian victory and it did work again like in the semifinals ... :) ... thanks ... and yes ... in this moment ... WE(ITALIANS)ARE AS NICE AS THE SUN (this is the translatin from Italian "Siamo belli come il Sole")and we are happy happy happy ... and again happy happy happy and pround proud proud to be Italians ... and yes ... we can make Miracles ... :)

And yes ... CREDIT to RONEN ... he was the first one to write about the Italian Victory ... before even the games started ... if yo neeed to gamble money ... I can arrange it ... and give you guys his email ... you know for a small advice ... :)

About the final ... yes ... in a it was a shitty 2nd half for us ... but you know what? WE WON ... THAT IS WHAT WE WANTED ... WE DIDN'T WANT TO PLAY BETTER THAN ANYBODY ... WE JUST WANTED THE CUP ... AND WE GOT IT ... and definitely we wanted the cup more than them ... that's why we didn't do the sh*tty thing that Zidane did (and again I am not sorry for him ... it is like if my CEO in the middle of the negotiation of $Billions deal gives a punch to his counterpart ... because the other guy tells him something he doesn't like ... what is that!?!?!? Are you f*cking stupid!?!?!? And yes ... Zidane yes f*cking stupid ... or at least he sounded to me yesterday .... and it is not the 1st time he does it ... look back to 1998 when they won the World Cup ... he did the same to a Saudi guy ... he KO him out w/ hid head ... and an other time when he was in Italy playing for Juventus he did the same ... sorry ... but this guy doesn't have b*lls ...!!!) ... and ON TOP OF THAT

1. There was no penalty for them
2. We scored a goal which was valid and it was cancelled by the referee ...
3. We hit a post ...
4. We scored all the penalties, and they didn't ...

... what can we do dude more than that ... and this happened after the 120 minutes "fight" we had against the Germans in the semi ... so again I think it was really deserved the cup ... :) XA

L said...





Ronen said...


No arguments, the bottom line is the important thing and I will be the last one to question that.... I put money on Italy as the champ since the beginning so you know which team was my favorite.

Forget about the incident of Zidane and Materazzi... I just can not be impressed by Italy not because of bad performances but because of not showing ANY efforts... :-( maybe they were in a really bad shape.
It's a bit childish to expect the real best team wins, but after this final everyone start to talk of Italy easy group and games all the way to the final (except Germany in the Semi-final)... which looks a more valid argument now, to be honest.

As an Italian I understand you and I am happy for you, but as a soccer fan... I hope that a real and passionate team will win the next FIFA World Cup in South Africa 2010.

My guess is quite surprising -
Ivory coast.
Someone wants to bet ? ;-)

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