Thursday, April 06, 2006


This is STU ... I mean STU WEBSITE ... if you like to travel you have to visit it ... it's so great ... the address is WWW.STUARTRILEY.NET ...

STU complete name is Stuart Riley, but his friends call him STU. He is a great guy. He is Australian. I met him in Israel. At that time we were working in the same office ... also in that case a NO-WINDOW-OFFICE ... mmmm ... :o. What always fascinated me about him was his free mind and his ability to dream. He loves to travel and he travels a lot.

In his website you will find there the reports of most of his travels. I am sure you will love his pictures and his stories. Unfortunately he didn't update after November 2005 ... anyway ... you will find enough stories and pictures to keep you busy for days ...

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Andrea said...

I just got an email from STU ... he is back in AUSTALIA ... he is working (for my most hated competitor) ... and he will update his webpage soon ... THANKS STU! XA

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