Wednesday, April 12, 2006


LATE DINNER in US most of the time means McDonald's ... it is in fact, in most of the places, the only "restaurant" (sic!) open after 10PM ... and when you realize it ... you wonder if it is a good or a bad thing ... :D

I managed to avoid it for more than 1 year ... but today when I left the office after 10PM (WABADA project is really a DramA) everything was closed so I had to give up ... and I had to step thru the big M ... I tried to make it more interesting and I ordered a ROYALE WITH CHEESE (i.e. QUARTER POUNDER WITH CHEESE in the PULP FICTION version) ...

... but it didn't help ... basically I ate a PIECE OF RUBBER with cold FF ... and even the DIET COKE had something weird ... :o ... missing so much the IN 'N OUT double double burger ... I really need to go back to LA ... :D


Anonymous said...

You should have asked for "Le Royale With Cheese" ...

Andrea said...

Is what I askedher ... and you know what she answered me!?

"FUNNY ... and I guess you want mayoness on your ff, right!?!" ... :D


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