Thursday, April 06, 2006


This is a no-picture story ... sorry ... :) I am here in Washington Baltimore for a work related type of Drama ... from there the nickname of the project WABADA (WAshington BAltimore DramA) ... my colleagues are either sleeping or working or tired or whatever ... dinner alone tonight ... I AM CRAVING FOR ABURGER ... I am going to RUBY TUESDAY restaurant ...
Perfect dinner ... CHEESBURGER + FF + DIET COKE ... and I now am reading a book ... a couple seats in the table beside mine.
He is VERY TALKATIVE with the waitress ... she DOESN'T SPEAK. He is on the PHONE with some colleague ... and she looks the MENU. He order a COLD BEER ... and she orders RED WINE. He orders a BURGER ... and she orders a PASTA ALFREDO. He is BROWN ... and she is BLOND. He is FAT ... she is THIN.
I am reading on the the book that GHANDI was assassinated by NATHURAM GODSE, a Hindu fanatic ... because he was defending the rights of the Muslims in the post-Partition India ... I am checking if it is true, by SMS, with an Indian colleague. IT IS TRUE. The waitress is asking me if I am still working on the check. I am turning my attention from my book and I am looking at her. Yes, I am done, thanks ... but wait a minute ... what happened!?
She is CRYING ... he turned WHITE. She is saying something ... he doesn't speak. She is LOOKING AT THE BOWL OF PASTA ... he LOOKS AT HER. She is saying something ... and IS EATING THE PASTA ... the CHEESEBURGER HAS ONLY ONE BITE. I continue to read. But I can't resist. I am looking at them. She is DONE with the pasta ... the BURGER IS STILL THERE. I can't look ... come on. I continue to read. The author of the book says that he love LAHORE (his home city in India) ... but come on ... do I really care!? No! I am sneaking again. I shouldn't do it. She looks at him ... he looks to THE EMPTY PAST BOWL.
The waitress is stopping in front of their table and she is asking if they are done ... yep ... they are done ... she has dumped him ... and he doesn't even want a DOGGIE BAG ... WHAT A PITY FOR THAT BURGER ... :O

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