Monday, April 03, 2006


Today I started spreading the news to my friends ... "Yep, I have a blog!" ... the reaction that I got to such a great news (!?) ... has been from enthusiastic (i.e. "Well done dude, that's great") to surprised (i.e. "Why are you doing that?") to scared (i.e. "Don't even try to mention my name over there") to politically correct (i.e. "I am busy now, but I am going to check it out later ... for sure, I guess") to boring (i.e. "Ah!").

Anyway ... the prize for the funniest reaction goes ... surprise surprise ... to Leif, my German roommate back in LA. He send me this photo-composition and the title is "Forrest Surf Andrea Gump".

The photo-composition is done with a picture taken during the 2004 Xmas night we spent together in our place in Hermosa Beach, CA ... that has been really a funny nite ... there was also an Israeli Jewish friend ... which I tried to convert to Christianity ... explaining him - after few beers and some ron shots - the superiority of the Xmas gift tradition ... :) ... really a funny nite ... THANKS LEIF ... :)

You should know Leif ... he is really a great guy ... a kind of confused sometimes with the dishes and the sink ... but come oooon ... who never left some dish in the sink after 20 "Pauli Girl" beers ... ?-) I need to make a post on him ... just give me sometime!


Ronen said...

That is me, that is me !!!!

Yeeeeeehaaaaaaa ! I finally became famous !!!
Thank you Andrea.

Well, I will not convert yet... because converting to Judaism is pretty much straight forward, you simple take off a piece and put a "Yamaka" on your head... but to convert to Christianity...what should I do ?! put back a piece ?!

Sorry dude, it is too much pornography stuff on your blog..;-)

I remember rainy movie nights, the grappa, X-mas, Pulp fiction, the ride together to Cerritos on rainy days with the coffee, the dreams and the warm atmosphere inside...
Some things you learn to appreciate when there are gone, most of things if I may add, like a toilet paper for instance...oops sorry, it supposed to be my serious and "intelligent" part now... I should behave myself.
OK, and some things you learn to appreciate even more when time goes by, when you grow old and get more "life experience", I think these are the most precious things... and that is my definition to you my friend. Like a good wine... I know that with the years I will appreciate more and more the opportunity to spend time together and I really hope that it was not the last time, because I am certain that with you the second time will be even better..

Wish you happiness and lots of Love. Great blog you have here !

Andrea said...

Ronen & Sima, you know how much I liked the time I was spending with you guys ... and now that you are not here ... I like to remember the same time. So where are we going to meet next? XA

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