Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I just got this email from a friend who is visiting China ...
andrea -
you will be happy to know that as best as I can tell your blog is banned in China! enjoy the land of the free!


... FREEDOM is really a great gift ... and unfortunately it is not coming for free ... :o .... funny enough Riccardo took this picture of mine in front of the KOREA WAR MEMORAIL in DC last Saturday ... unfortunately it is still true ... yep ... FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.

I am planning a trip to CHINA this year ... should I reconsider it as a protest against their policy or should I go there in order to give the chance to the local people to meet an other foreigner who will help them to understand what is happening outside their country!? What do you think?


sMhyla said...

Here's a funnier title for this blog post: "My blog is banned in China". But it's not so funny if you are the reader located in China. Yes, I've heard that the Chinese government regulates their internet. It's too bad that I miss out in exchanging good information, as well as bad.

Andrea said...

You right ... I will change it ... so for the historicians ... the old title was "CAN'T SEE MY BLOG FROM CHINA" and the new one is "MY BLOG BANNED IN CHINA!" ... XA

matteo said...

Freedom is free but history said people have to conquer it...only people can!!!I think you have to go and explain it,even if you can't change it immediately.(non so come sia il mio inglese,spero si capisca)

Andrea said...

I think I will go ... but again ... I am not sure if I am doing the right thing. XA PS Inglese quasi da Oxford ... :)

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