Monday, April 03, 2006


Riccardo (aka Ricc) is something special for me ... he was one of my mates at the university (indeed I knew him in the last months), a colleague, one of my best friends and almost a brother (aka FratelloGuff) ... I wouldn't be the same without him! We both studied in the "Politecnico di Milano" university in Milan, Italy ... we got hired from the same company ... we worked together 1 year in Athens, Greece ... for few weeks together in Tel Aviv, Israel (he worked there for few months, but I ended up working and living there for 3 years) ... in Seattle, WA ... Los Angeles, CA ... and now roaming together for the unknown freeway-land (actually here in North East, I found an old European friend ... the tollway) ... also Ricc is here in Washington-Baltimore for this project ... Ricc, don't worry we will make it also this time, I hope ... :)

The picture was taken Saturday during our visit to Washington DC ... Ricc did you ever digest those broccoli!?

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