Sunday, April 02, 2006


Still here in my room ... and while I am waiting for the laundry to finish (lucky me I am already in the "drying phase") ... i have decided to post also a picture of mine .. it was taken yesterday at the entrance of the Ronald Reagan building in Washington DC ... can you recognize the piece of concrete I am touching? Probably not ... anyway ... believe it or not ... it is a section of the BERLIN WALL ... I have to admit that I would have never expected to found it there!

I have to admit I had a pretty interesting weekend ... yesterday I was all day in Washington DC ... visited any sort of war memorial (i.e. WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam), the Lincoln Memorial, the museum of American History, the museum of Natural History ... really nice ... I had watch these places only in TV, or in movies ... was nice to be there. The nicest (and probably pettiest!?) feeling was on the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial ... I felt a little bit like Forrest Gump giving his speech on the Vietnam War ... :)

During the evening we went (I was there w/ a friend and colleague) to Georgetown ... we ended up in a pub watching the NCAA semifinal LSU - UCLA ... I started supporting UCLA (you know after 3 years living in LA you have to support the local team) ... but I ended up, as usual, to support for the underdog (a.k.a. the losers) ... yep ... LSU lost really bad ... so sorry for them!

My cellphone countdown is ringing ... I guess the dryer has finished its work ... I have to leave.

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