Thursday, April 06, 2006


Today I had to finish some report for our customer so I didn't have time to go to eat with my colleagues. I thought I was going to have an other BIG TEXAS CINNAMON ROLL ... but when XIAO (a colleague) stepped into the office with a sandwich and he told me he bought it at the FOOD TRUCK (a colleague is telling me that a name to call them is ROACH COACH ... Which is not a compliment at all ... COACH like COCKROACH) at the end of the road I realized that was going to be my lunch.
The truck is at the traffic light of the road where I work ...

I love street food ... when I am backpacking is my favorite food ... but here in US you don't have a lot of these places.

Darline is the funny lady working inside the tiny truck ... she insisted to put MAYO in the sandwich ... I have to admit ... it was a good choice ...

... at the end I got a cold sandwich, chips and a cold Diet Pepsi for $6.50 ... great deal ... but most important ... great food ... and a new friend, Darline ... I can continue to work now ... WABADA is still a DRAMA ... later.


Anonymous said...

At first glance it looks like the Street Food vehicle is blocking the intersection and that is how they got their business but now I see it isn't.

There is one that I pass everyday on way to work parked in a handwash car wash.

The one you went to definately looks cleaner, shinier and you wouldn't need to see a doctor afterward... good job

Andrea said...

My suggestio is try it ... the only food poisoing I got in my life was from a restaurant ... the same for all my friends ... don't be afraid ... life is meant to be exploit till the last drop ... XA

Anonymous said...

i agree. i've fallen sick only after eating at the fancy restaurants. Do these guys serve breakfast?

Andrea said...

I am not sure ... I am always late in the morning ... not much time to stop there ... :) XA

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