Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Today I realized that I have a fellow traveller ... GOERGE WASHINGTON.

It is a one of the funny games that this country has invented. Basically there is someone (!?) who prints the red label on some $1 bill and from that moment people who happen to have the bill in their hands in invited to login to the and report the serial number of the bill and the zip code of the area where the George is ... basically a GEORGE WASHINGTON BLOG ... :o

My fellow George started his trip in Cleveland, OH on December 2nd 2005 ... and after that I am the first NUT to post his movements ... sorry dude ... I hope you will find more folks who will trace you ... later.


leif said...

may be you remember as I told you about the game on our "walk the earth" to the pitcherhouse;-)

Andrea said...

Yep ... I remember it ... this means that you are also right on the direction ... we were on our way to drink ... and not on the way back ... :O

sMhyla said...

wow, that's cool. i'll keep my eye out for george.

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