Sunday, April 02, 2006


The dryer did a good job ... and here I am 2.45AM (EST) to post a new blog ... I am definitely addicted to this stuff ... anyway ... here it is ... here on the stairs of the Lincoln memorial is where I felt like FORREST GUMP ... yep ... really a funny feeling ... :) You go to Washington DC to see the "White House", the "US Capitol", the "Smithsonian museums" and you end it up getting excited for this ... I guess the conclusion is that the life is nice because there is always something unexpected to surprise you and Hollywood has a great influence on us, or at least on me ... :) BTW ... now that I am the Forrest Gump mood ... next time that I will be back in Atlanta, GA for work I will try to find time in a weekend to go to seat on the Savannah, GA bench ... but after that don't ask me to run like Forrest ... :O

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