Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I love Baltimore, MD ... I love to walk this city!

Funny enough ... when I came here last week I thought I was going to spend a lot of time in Washington DC ... but after a couple of days ... I realized that I prefer Baltimore ... I don't know ... I feel a warmer atmosphere here. DC has wonderful museums and unique building, but it is a kind of "cold" ... :

I spent the entire Sunday in Baltimore ... and of course ... I took a lot of pictures ... but when I went back to the hotel I messed up with the USB adapter and a couple of memory cards and Windows gave me a great help ... bottom line ... I deleted all my touristic hard work of the day ... luckily enough I have still a good memory ... :O

Tonite I went back for dinner w/ some friends ... and I took some more pictures ... here an artistic version of the BARNES & NOBLE bookstore + HARD ROCK CAFE building ... you should see it (yep ... this picture doesn't help sorry) ... really a wonderful building ... it is the old POWER PLANT of the city ... now retired and restored. The 4 chimneys in copper are still there and they are running all the way from the ground floor inside the building ... really nice to see from inside

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