Thursday, March 01, 2007


My day today started unusually way too early compared to what I am used lately. Alarm clock at 5.00AM, taxi @ 5.30AM, LAX @ 5.45AM. So this is how it looks the sunrise at the LAX airport ...Today I was headed 1 hour north. San Jose, CA airport. It is a kind of magical place, at least for an engineer like me. People who is working there is used to call it "the valley". I guess the rest of the world calls it Silicon Valley. First time for me there, so lots of pictures ...The meeting went pretty well. Very interesting people. Definitely these guys have a vision. I love people like this. People who have a social vision and at the same time the technical skills and the personal commitment to make the vision become a reality. In the case of I am referring more to company like Google, rather than Apple, just to be clear on my preferencies. Anyways going back to the Silicon Valley day. I was excited. The office where the meeting was is in the same Road where Stanford University is. I drove there. It is huge. Really huge. And in the same street there is also a mall ...I had a couple of hours and I drove around. I saw the headquarters of lots of most of the high tech companies. Yahoo, Sun Microsystem, Apple, Oracle, Intel, IBM and all the rest. This is the 101. Straight you go to Cupertino (Apple) and right you go to Mountain View (Google) ...Of course I went right. To visit the company that is allowing me every single day to use Gmail, the search engine, and the blog. All for free. I love them. And I love their vision, their mission "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful" and their motto "don't be evil". So these are some of the pictures of entrances to the Google headquarter ...And with this mission accomplished I left the Silicon Valley ... a pretty blue sky up here ... and a pretty memorable day for me.
Time to go back to LA, this is LA downtown. Pretty smoggy, isn't it!?

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