Tuesday, March 27, 2007


These days for me is all about my parents. They have always been active people, but I guess I didn't see them in a while, so they look to me even more active than usual. So my mom is cooking all my favorite dishes and cleaning all my things. BTW ... I guess I am gaining some pounds in these days. My dad is fixing everything can be fixed in the house. My bicycle. My motorcycle. And all the other things that I never fixed in the last months. Fortunately on Saturday our road trip will start, so they will have to relax for few days. But before our road trip will start he has also time to go to ride his new bicycle. Today he went to ride it to Palos Verde, the peninsula the is just south of Hermosa. The first ride with the new bicycle of course required a picture. I guess he had to brag around with his friends back home. But this time he exaggerated a little bit and he decided to convince everybody that he is really in California adding a surfboard to the picture. The California bragging disease is definitely contagious ... :D

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