Sunday, March 11, 2007


Poor Leif. This is the way he had to hide himself drinking beer on the beach today. Like in the best Hollywood movies, the people here drinks out of paper bags. He didn't really drink out a paper bag, but almost. He had to carry the beer in a paper bag and he had to pour the beer in a plastic cup and drink like a thief ...... not sure what's wrong between this country and alcohol. Definitely something happened somewhere. I can't believe that this country which built on German, English and Irish root can't allow his citizens to drink in public. And don't even try to go to Utah, here they call it the "dry state", there are more chances to win the lottery than find a liquor store. I am thinking now. Here in US the world is clearly divided between good guys & bad guys. It is also true that the bad guys drink & smoke. It is equally true also that the bad guys go to jail, at least this is what I read on the papers. Now, the really bad guys, of course, go straight to the electric chair here. And of course because they are really really bad guys they have to drink and smoke a lot. But here you can't drink and smoke in public. But probably these guys have also a last will. So are they giving to those poor inmates in their last minutes? No alcolhol, no smoke. Probably a Big Mac menu ... :O ... poor guys.

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