Friday, March 16, 2007


Tomorrow is St. Patrick day. The biggest excuse of the year to get drunk. So what do you do the nite before St. Patrick day? I guess you just drink. And get drunk. Not sure why Tina and I weren't really in a drinking mood. We just drink water. What a shame. But Dan, Leif, Emily and Mae were in an other mood. So we went to the Pitcher House here in Hermosa. These are the pictures that I can show where everybody were sober and smiling ...... of course not all of us got sober to St. Patrick day ... but that I think is part of the game.


TiNa said...

Mae's is not allowed to drink on the night before St. Patrick's Day...From now on, she can only drink on day itself, not prior to that...hehehe :)

Andrea said...

Poor Mae ... hangovered before even St. Patrick day started ... :) XA

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