Saturday, March 24, 2007


The unplanned shopping day ended in this way. With my dad proudly showing his new case, with inside his new little toy ... a carbon fiber bicycle ...The schedule for the day was completely different, though. The plan was to wake up early and drive to San Diego. Of course everybody were up on time but one. And of course the one who couldn't wake up was me. And when I finally woke up I proposed to change plan. What about if we are going to Santa Monica? We can go to San Diego tomorrow. So we took a relaxed long breakfast and we drove to Santa Monica. Jill was waiting for us in Santa Monica. My plan was to walk in 3rd Street. But on the way there my dad spotted a bicycle shop and he wanted to stop to check the prices. Inside he spotted this carbon fiber bicycle. The price was super discounted and with the good conversion Euro - Dollar of these days looks like he had a very good deal. He went to test it in the Santa Monica 5th Street ...... and he came back very very happy. So he took a picture with his personal fan club ... Jill, my mom and Tina ... a lovely fan club ...and he decided to buy it. According to my dad the bicycle cost him like 50% of what was going to cost him in Italy. So if you need to make a good buy, I guess you want to come to US. Don't forget, though, to leave some room in your luggage for the bicycle case when you will have to bring it back.


Anonymous said...

great day and great pictures!!!!

filale97 said...

ciao andrea, un caro saluto ai tuoi genitori!

Laura said...

Mitico Marino!

...beato fra le donne!!!!


...un saluto da laura e luca ai nostri bonanomi preferitiiiii!!!!

Andrea said...

I parents ricambiano i calorosi saluti. Divertiti da queta piccola notorieta` telematica ... :D XA

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