Friday, March 09, 2007


I am not sure how it did happen. But it did happen. I almost forgot how much I love camping. I had my old tent in my closet here in LA for almost 4 years, but I never used it. I visited lots of National Parks . But for some reason I never pulled it out. Laziness, I guess. But when Tina got the idea to go camping in the weekend, my answer has been "why not?". And I finally pulled it out, and used. We used it last weekend in the Big Sur. It was just great ...I loved it. I loved it. And I love it again. I guess we were lucky to camp in such a beautiful forest. It never happen before to wake up because of the gooses making noise around me. Funny enough when i mounted the tent I found sand in it. Red sand. A lot of red sand. Last time that I used I didn't clean it. And I perfectly remember where that sand was coming from. From Ramon crater in Israel. Wonderful place. Wonderful memories. That was when I used it last time. Back in 2002. 5 years ago. That time I slept in a Bedouin camp site. This time in a US State park. But the beauty was the same. I don't know how it could have happened that I forgot about the beauty of camping. But now I am sure I will domore camping. I want to see again all the California National Parks using my tent.

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