Saturday, March 31, 2007


So, here I am ready for the 1 week road trip with my parents. I rented a bright red car and we filled the huge trunk with all the possible things we will need during this week. Food, warm cloths for the Sequoia NP, light cloths for the Death Valley NP, long pants for San Francisco, two tents and hiking shoes ...Today the target was to get to the Death Valley not too late, but surprise surprise, cause a late wake up, some stop to eat, an endless line due to a very vey bad car accident on the I-15 ...... some technical stops to try to capture in a picture the wonderful landscape ...... we got to the Death Valley NP pretty late. But even the way to get there was pretty interesting. Here some of the pictures I love the most. Definitely the California freeways are really stunning for an European like me...And more we got close to the Death Valley and more we saw really wonderful scenery ...... here you really feel you are in a magical place, a placeg you have seen only in the Old Far West Hollywood movies ...:D

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