Monday, March 12, 2007

100 over 60

So today I went for a physical test for my green card. I don't know yet the results. Xing my fingers I don't have some funny disease. But definitely the funniest part came when the nurse had to measure the blood pressure. She tried 3 times. She changed arm. She changed ear. She did beat on the sensor. At the end she looked at me in the eyes. Are you OK? Yes. I mean, I would rather somewhere else than in a doctor office, but a part of that I am OK. Your blood pressure is really low. Like? Like 100 over 60. Ehehe, I know it is normally pretty low. Yes, high blood pressure is not among your problems, waking up in the morning must be though for you. Yes, it is! Probably I should it as excuse when I get late to the office in the morning ... :)

1 comment:

TiNa said...

Now, I understand where the line "No, it's too early!" came from. :)

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