Friday, March 23, 2007


The name of the game is guitar hero. It is a playstation game. And Leif lately is completely crazy about it. And of course all the house has to listen to his performances. But it is not bad, it is actually pretty funny. Almost entertaining. Basically you play a kind of wireless guitar following the directions of the game on the screen. And you score based on your skills. My dad tonite was curious about it, so he went to check out why Leif liked it so much ...And after that he challenged Leif to play a real guitar. And even if Leif is not the best guitarist I have seen, I have to admit that he is pretty good. The funny part came when he played songs that my dad knew. They were in English. Of course some of them were Beatles ones. My dad knew the melody, but he couldn't really recall the English words. Pretty funny to listen ... :o ...Definitely Leif is our guitar hero. We will have to use his skills next time we will organize a party. Before he will get too tipsy, though. After that he will be kinda useless with a guitar in his hands. Actually almost dangerous, I guess ... :D

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