Saturday, March 17, 2007


It has been really a great green green day today. Everything was green. Our mood was green. Hats were green. I am pretty sure most of the panties were green. The dollars that the bar did today were definitely green, big time green. At a certain point I had the feeling that also the sky was green, but I guess that was just one of the side effects of the alcohol. We really had a lot of fun. Here is the Irish band, but unfortunately for us the city didn't manage to hire the U2, but we can't complain ...Party were everywhere. It is good to have a St. Patrick on Saturday. Everybody could just relax and drink and drink and drink and drink ... And here my parties in crime for most the day, Yann & Leif. Here is a happy Leif finally relieved from one of the side effects of all the beer we got ...Definitely a great day, and we weren't even in Ireland. We were in Hermosa. A beach community in California. I think I want to go to Ireland one day for St. Patrick day.

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