Thursday, March 15, 2007


March 15th. I think I will remember this day for some time. I should mark it in my calendar as the perfect coffee day. Everything started this morning in Starbucks. They called it Starbucks Coffee break. A tall freshly brewed coffee for free if you were there between 10AM and noon ... not sure why they did it, but they should do it more often. They are definitely making way too much money selling hot water for $2 a glass. Anyways. I have to admit that the free coffee taste much better than the same coffee when you have to pay it. And apparently I wasn't the only one to think that way. This is the line today at my SBUX ...

All proud of my free coffee, tonight I went to work not in SBUX, as usual, but in a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf shop. You know for a change. Trying to improve their market share. And there you go. Instead of the usual paper glass, I was asked if I wanted the coffee in the glass. So, I got a real glass for my coffee. A very nice one. A very nice gift of them. But now I have a doubt. Should I have returned the glass? Ehehehe ... too late, I guess. And once again, the taste of free stuff can't be matched ... :O

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