Thursday, March 22, 2007


"I saw your dad cleaning your bicycle yesterday" or "I heard your parents are here" or "It is true your mom is here? And does she really cook home made Italian food". I have to admit it. In these days I feel like the agent of a couple of Hollywood stars. And it is nice. My parents are becoming popular among my friends. One of the reasons, I guess, is that my mom can cook some really awesome Italian food. And my friends love Italian food. And they want to taste homemade Italian food. And of course I want to share with the the happiness to have them here. So I am inviting friends for lunch or dinner everyday now. Tonite has been pretty nice. Jill, Loy, Jason, Mary and Christina were here ...This picture is far from being a good one, but a part of the poor picture we had really some good time. Some gourmet food. And awesome wine. And of course I loved it. Tonite I felt like when my mom was preparing my birthday parties, and I was inviting my friends ... :D


Anonymous said...

Your parents are great! Very happy got to meet them. And the food was delicious as well! Thanks again :)

Ronen said...

Hey Jules,
I remember your parents from last visit... very nice and good people, please send my warm regards. I am happy for you, use this opportunity to spend time with them. Hope to join mine soon, after so long time.

Andrea said...

My parents remember you guys as well. Time is passing but the feelings are always the same. Big hug. XA

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