Monday, March 05, 2007


If from Monterey you are headed south, like we did, you need to visit the Monterey Peninsula. It is a wonderful place. Unfortunately it is privately owned. It is a very vey very expensive residential area with a golf course. Apparently a worldwide famous golf course. I dind't care much about the golf course, but I definitely enjoyed to look to some of the houses here ...The good news is that you don't need to break into any fence in order to visit it. You just need to pay the $9 fee at the entrance gate. The name of the drive is 17 miles drive. And it is really worthwhile to do it. Again it looks a lot like the Mediterranean coast line. Lots of beaches for any taste. Sandy and rocky.What is very peculiar in this area is the Monterey Cypress, which is a type of cypress endemic here. Very nice. It fits perfectly in the landscape ...Out of all them, this is the most famous. It is called Monterey lone Cypress. It is in a rock out there facing by itself the Pacific Ocean. Knowing a little bit of this country, I wouldn't be surprised if there is an insurance covering it. Definitely every year they spend a lot of money to be sure it won't die.And of course all along the 17 miles drive there are also a lot of tourists. This is not really high season. So it is still bearable. But definitely too many for my personal taste. I took these two funny pictures while I was there. Yes, the average fat ass tourist is totally part of the 17 miles drive wildlife. So we drove along the coast and we left the 17 miles drive, headed south where we found less tourists and even more open views. And not even fees at any gate.

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