Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Every year, in this period, it is the same panic for me. It is starting in January and it is over only in the middle of April. It is time of tax return. My brain just shuts down and doesn't want to think about it. So, while I am Xing my fingers I am just giving all my papers to someone who is claiming to understand something of all this impossible jungle of laws and shortcuts. I call him my tax wizard. I am not sure if it is just my finger Xing, probably not, but like a miracle every year I get something back. So, today my tax wizard call me and he told me I will have back almost $1,000 (minus the tax wizard fee). I am definitely richer than yesterday, but considering how Wall Street is going, I am not sure if I will ever make enough money to buy a B&B in Tuscany ... but who cares ... at least my tax return panic is almost over ... I just need to mail all that stuff and for an other 9 months no headaches ... :D

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