Wednesday, March 07, 2007


US & History are two words that don't really make much sense together. It is like when you try to put together airplane & good food. Or intelligent conversation & party. Or Italy & honest politicians. Or Middle East & Peace. You can try to put them in the same sentence, but still they sound strange together. In a word, together they are a cacophony. So I am always surprised here, especially in the West Coast, when I see something older than 100 years. But even here in the west coast there is something worthwhile a visit. Are the missions. One of them is the Carmel by the sea mission. It is just few miles south of Monterey and we visited it last weekend.And of course the visit reminds you a little bit of the California history. The mission was built back in 1771 when the Spanish kingdom was using the catholic church (or the catholic church was using the Spanish Kingdom!?) to conquer new land. At that time in California there was not much than few missions. This is one of them. Even now there are historical signs everywhere for what was known as El Camino Real. The path that was (and still is) connecting all these missions. But all the Spanish plans blew up when in 1821 Mexico got its independence. In 1846 during the Mexican-American war, California (that was under the Mexican control) tried to get its independence as well. For a while it had also the name California Republic. But eventually California was conquered by the US. Or maybe not. California is not really part of the US ... it is really like an other country ... :D It was a nice visit. And even if honestly I go to mass only on Xmas, it is always nice to visit a church time to time. It makes me feel at home. It is definitely part of my culture and my person. In the annexed small museum there was also a guest book to sign and Tina left her personal "footprint" ...

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