Monday, March 19, 2007


Finally they are here. I waited for them for almost two years to see them back here and visit me here in LA. they landed yesterday nite @ LAX. Even if the weather in these days looks like winter German style rather than Spring Southern California, they found immediately in front of my place the chance to understand that they were in California ... :) This is my neighbour car, and of course the guys in the picture are my dad and my mom ...And they had a serious sweet welcome. This is the welcome cake they had from Tina tonite for dinner. If you can't understand Italian, "Felice Vacanza" means "Happy Vacation". Hopefully it is going to be as sweet as the cake ...They will be here for 3 and 1/2 weeks and of course we don't really have a plan. Probably we will spend 2 weeks here in LA and we will make 1 week road trip. The road trip will be something like Death Valley, Napa Valley, San Francisco, Big Sur and Sequoia National Park. Basically I would like to show them something they didn't see yet here in California. But we haven't decided yet. Advance planning is definitely not among my skills ... :D

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