Friday, March 02, 2007


Sunday it will be marathon time here in LA. It was supposed to be my first marathon ever. But I guess I won't make it. I won't run it. Before the left foot gave up, I tore my ligament in Chile. And now the right foot told me it was time to stop running. I strained the Achilles tendon. Excuses, I guess. But I can't really kill my body for a run. I will have just to recover and wait for an other chance. But I am still happy because one of my best friends ever, Jill, will run it. And I am sure she will do just great. She will finish the 26.2 miles! Go Jill go! I won't be there to support you, but you know that I will think about you!


Jake said...

Go get'em Jill! You can do it!

jill said...

Thanks Jake!!!!

Today when I drove down to get the bib and chip from the convention center, I passed the 26 mile marker and a camera truck practicing for tomorrow and a big wave of emotion came over me.... The race isn't even until tomorrow!

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