Monday, March 26, 2007


I guess this is one of the things that you always dream will happen to you. And when it happens you realize it is not really that pleasant. This is exactly what happened to me last week. Because my parents are here, I gave them my room and I am sleeping on the couch in the living room. And because in these days it is still kind of cold, so I am sleeping all wrapped up in my warm and nice sleeping bag. And of course because we feel safe where we live we are reckless enough to leave the door open during the nite. So the other nite I was sleeping and suddenly in the middle of the night I feel like someone is trying to sneak into my sleeping bag. I wake up. and I see this girl. Hi. Hi Sylvia (not her real name). May I? Excuse me?Are you Jason (i.e. my roomie)? No. Of course I am not. I am Andrea. Hi Andrea, how are you? I am OK, thanks. What about you? I am OK. Maybe. You know where is Jason? I guess he is sleeping in his room. And there I understand that she is a little bit tipsy. I am sorry. No problem. And I see her leave, and close the door after her. I am not sure why she doesn't go directly to Jason's room. She just leaves the house and from the outside she goes to knock to his window. I fell asleep in like 5 seconds. And I kind of forgot all this. I guess are one of thee dreams that you forget in the morning, when you wake up. But in the morning I meet my roommate. Hey Andrea, I am sorry if the crazy girl made some noise last nite. Why, what happened? I didn't hear anything. Yep, she came to knock my window in the middle of the nite. Really? And while I was telling me this, all of a sudden it popped into my mind that before she went to knock the windows she tried to sneak into my sleeping bag. Pretty funny. And possibly it was a dream. I will never know, I guess.

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