Tuesday, March 06, 2007

BIG SUR, California

A single picture. If I would be forced to choose a single picture for this trip, this would be the picture. It definitely captures all my happiness and the beauty of the Big Sur ...Big Sur. I perfectly remember the first time that I read this name. It was December 2001. And I saw some pictures of it. At that time I was living in Israel but I was really tired of it. It was hard, really hard for me to continue to work there. I dreamed about some openings for my company in US. I was excited about it. And of course I spoke about that with my girlfriend, Rosita. She didn't like the idea to move to the US. But she gave me as a gift this travel magazine. That was a special issue about US. And she told me something like "I know you will go there". That wish meant a lot to me. I kept that magazine and I still have it here, in my bookshelf. One of the trips suggested in the magazine was on the West Coast, in the Big Sur. The picture that since then stick in my mind was the waterfall with the water falling on the beach, just few feet from the Ocean. That is the waterfall in the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. To me that was like a dream. And I went there. And I went there again during this trip. And it touched again my heart.It reminded me how lucky I am to see my dreams become reality. But the Big Sur is not only that waterfall. The Big Sur is a wonderful coastline. Somewhere I read that it is the most dramatic and wonderful marriage between land and Ocean. I don't know if it is the best. Definitely I love it.And there are endless photographers who are trying to capture the beauty of this magical place. this guy even choose as license plate for his car "EYE loves SUR" ...

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