Sunday, April 01, 2007


Here it is. We finally got to the Death Valley NP. And my parents were pretty excited, like me, about it ...and here again the parents at badwater, the lowest point in the US, 282 feet below the sea level ...Of course the Death Valley is famous for its hot weather, which can be really deadly in summer. Fortunately, in these days, the hot is still bearable if you have enough water and a good hat with you. Because my mom didn't have a good hat, I had to give her mine and find patch, using my TShirt, to protect my sensitive skull ...Here an other couple of impressive pictures of the salt lake at the bottom of the Valley ...And this is a similar natural phenomenal, they call this the Devil's Golf Curse. No wonder why ...... here in Death Valley everything is about salt. I think you can find any type of mineral here. It is pretty cool. Especially when different minerals are showing up, very close to each other. They call this the Artist's palette, giving to the landscape different colors ...Really Death Valley NP is really full of wonders, and one of them is definitely the Zabriskie point, especially if you are lucky enough to visit it at sunset ...And of course I have tons of other pictures and small stories, but I guess it is too much for now. I will leave you wonder about all the rest. But believe me, it is really worthwhile a visit here. Maybe try to avoid to come here between April and October, the heat will ruin your visit.

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Anonymous said...

very nice! glad you and your parents are having a great time!

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