Friday, February 09, 2007


Dallas, Texas. 9PM. Radeck is Polish. Riccardo and Andrea are Italians. They meet at the front desk of the hotel. Radeck works here. Riccardo and Andrea are living here for the time being. Their heart is back in Europe. But their feet are here in America. An they start discussing about everything. Politics. War. Global Warming. Stock Market. Dream. WWII. Economy. In the meantime customers pass by the reception, they listen to pieces of our conversations and look at the three funny Europeans like they are from an other planet. The three Europeans could care the less and continue their discussion. This time is time to speak about Education System differences between Europe and US. Again about Global Warming. Equal opportunities. Retirement Plans. Social Security. Radeck likes to fake the Marlon Brando - Vito Corleone voice. He is funny. Most of the time the three of them laugh, even if they don't agree on anything. At the end Radeck comes out with a comment that explains a lot about what is this country all about. "Guys, even if we don't agree on anything I am really glad we had this discussion. I never had such a discussion in years here in US". I am not sure if I need to be glad or not. I decide to be glad. So, this is the end of the discussion ......... Riccardo and Radeck are still in the Hotel Reception. I am too tired, I am on my way to my room. Good nite America.

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