Wednesday, February 07, 2007


This is America. The funniest country in the entire World. The country who sent the man on the moon, but needs to write instructions for everything, even on how to clean the restrooms ...... I know I am a joker ... but this is all true.

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Keith A. said...

Here's what is really sad - I came across your page while searching Google Images to try to find just such a graphic for my staff. Between language barriers, reading and comprehension barriers, and just plain "duh", anything more complex than a cartoon is going to get looked at for a moment, set down, and ends up being a complete waste of my time creating. And good luck trying to fire someone for being awful at their job, it's almost not worth the headaches that come with months of unemployment hearings. Then you have to replace that 10-year employee with a 20-something'er who will be just as worthless, probably less dependable to show up to even do nothing, and who - for some unknown reason - thinks they are worth at least $15.00/hr. Man on the moon - yeah, right.

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