Friday, February 02, 2007


I know. I am silly. But I like it. So, after the Japanese and the cameras, here an other couple of stereotype that become reality. Germans & sandals with socks and Germans & potatoes. So let's picture this. I am in the Volcanoes National Park and I see these two guys with these incredibly sexy Germans sandals and socks ...... they get close enough to hear them speaking. They speak in English. He is definitely German, probably she is American. But they speak in English most of the time. So we are there looking at these incredible steam vents coming out of the caldera and the old man looks at his wife and says ... "We should have these in Germany, this is perfekt to bake potatoes" ... :O ... yes, probably what everybody are telling about the Germans with sandals & socks and about the Germans and potatoes is not true ... :D

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