Thursday, February 01, 2007


The amount of Japanese tourists here in Hawaii is phenomenal. I think they are by far the biggest touristic community here. And after I have seen the beauty of Hawaii, even if the history books don't agree, I am pretty sure that when Yamamoto (BTW ... Yama ... if you area reading this ... I am missing you, Hannah & Kerry) bombed Pearl Harbor back in 1941 he probably wanted to conquer just Hawaii ... in order to come here and spend his vacations ... :D Anyways this is the picture of the day ... this mom and daughter are well representing the stereotype of the Japanese tourist who is taking more pictures than breaths ... the mom is taking the video of the daughter who is taking a picture of her dad, who is paying for the pizza ...... and I am taking the picture of them ... mmm ... I think I have some Japanese ancestor myself ... :D ... what else ... ah yes ... if you are interested today I took my test at the end of the training ... and I really hope that I passed it ... otherwise I am afraid my boss will charge me for the airfare, the hotel and the training as well ... :O

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