Saturday, February 03, 2007


Hawaii is such an incredible place. Beauties are really endless and everywhere. Difficult to list and to describe them. Yesterday I was listening to a song of Israel Kamakawiwo' Ole (i.e. the most famous Hawaiian singer). In the song he was saying that he wasn't afraid to die because Hawaii is something between Earth and Heaven. So he was sure that he was going to find something very familiar to him on the "other side". He died when he was 38, and I really hope he was right. I am still on "this side", so I tried to soak as much as possible the beauties I was lucky enough to spot in these days in Hawaii. Hawaii is the place where even the cars and the bus look magical ...... where the rocks, are not just the rocks I am used to see anywhere else. They seem to have a colorful rainbow trapped into them ...... where the plants seem free to liberate all their creativity and beauty ...Where people is offering flowers and food to Pele, the goddess of the Volcano ...... where the sea is so blue, the grass is so green, and the sky is perfect ...Where seems that also the animals have left rusted cages to wander around free because they are really feeling that they are living in heaven ...... where in black sandy beaches while you are swimming in a pool you can meet a sea turtle, and you can not avoid to believe to the local myths ...... where your arms are not big enough to show all the joy you are experiencing ...... and where I was soooo happy that I jumped on the entrance sign of the Volcanoes National Park ... here I felt like the happiest person on Earth ...... :D


Anonymous said...

someday I will go! :)

Andrea said...

I don't trust you ... :D XA

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