Saturday, February 24, 2007


A way to see LA is this. LA is big. Full of freeways. Trapped between the pollution and the crime and it is just waiting for the "Big One". An other way to see it is this. LA is in California. It is an enormous and exciting melting pot. The pollution is much worse in most Italian cities than here. It is pretty safe to me, who most of the time I am leaving the door of my place wide open. OK, for the "Big One", I can't do much ... I will wait for that like anybody else. In the meantime I am surfing. An other thing that it is not debatable is that in LA doesn't have the big museums of NYC. It is true. But at least here the weather is so good that most of the time, when you get at the main gate of any museum, you wonder if it is really worthwhile to spend the day inside. This is pretty much what happened to me today. I went to the LACMA (LA County Museum of Art). Two exhibitions are running now. One is dedicated to Magritte. The other is dedicated to Picasso. I took this picture at the entrance of the Magritte exhibition ... I was ready to step into the museum, and there you go. I changed my mind. I bought a coffee, I got THE ECONOMIST that I had in the car and I spent all day in the garden of the museum following the moving shadow of a palm while reading my magazine and spilling the coffee on my T-Shirt ... :D I learned something. Basically, in few years we won't carry anymore any bills and coin, and not even credit cards. We will just use our cellphone to pay. I doooonno. I will go to see the two exhibition in few weeks, if they will still be there. What I am sure is that they won't accept my cellphone to pay ... :D

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Tag(Carpet)Bagger said...

The Magritte exhibit would have been less surreal than The Economist any day of the week

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