Tuesday, February 27, 2007


This is an old story. Actually, not that old. And it is story in 2 episodes. The first episode is old, almost 1 month old. The second episode is from today. Let's start from the second episode. Today I finally found the time to go to the Post Office in Redondo (Redondo Beach, CA) ...... and send the parcel to Jennifer & Hilary. In the parcel a small present from Tina & I. A couple of CDs of Israel Kamakawiwo`ole. Wonderful CDs. If you want to listen some good Hawaiian music don't miss them. They are "Facing Future" and "Alone in IZ World" ...So you will wonder who are Jennifer & Hilary, and why am I sending them 2 CD of Hawaiian music. Here comes the first part of the story. Jennifer & Hilary are basically our Hawaiian heroes. They are living in Oregon, but they are our Hawaiian heroes. They made a miracle happen in front of me. They saved all my Hawaii pictures. This is the way it went. Last day of the trip. We dropped the rental car. Took the bus to the Kona Airport Terminal. While I was doing Check In, I couldn't find anymore the camera. I couldn't believe it. All the pictures of the red lava and all the rest. I rushed back to the bus. I asked to the driver if he found my camera. Nothing. Back to the rental car. Nothing. I begged the guys who cleaned the car. I told them they could even keep the camera, I just cared about the pictures, I just wanted the memory stick. They swear at me they didn't find anything. I felt so stupid. Loose the camera with my best pictures ever. I went back to the terminal. Nothing again. Tina & I were wondering if all that bad luck had a meaning. We repeated to our self that everything happens for a reason. I felt stupid, but whatever, my memories of those days were more important of few stupid pictures. We were there in the terminal when these 2 ladies, run towards us smiling and shaking their hands. They had the camera in their hands. They basically found it on the Rental Car bus we took together and they were looking for us in the terminal. Actually they told us that they looked at the pictures and they were amazed of what we saw. Tina & I were sooooooooooooo happy. More than happy. And we took also this picture ... an extremely happy Tina squeezed between Jennifer & Hilary, our Hawaii heroes ...What can I say? Nothing. That I am so glad that there are still people like Jennifer & Hilary, who can find a $300 camera and instead of putting it in the pocket, they go around the terminal to look for the owner. They make me proud to be a human being. Everything happens for a reason. And I am glad that I almost lost my camera.

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TiNa said...

"Everything happens for a reason." Indeed, a reason to believe that people are still really good at heart. Thank you Jennifer & Hilary! :)

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