Monday, February 05, 2007


I think I looked at these picture at least 100 times already. I look at them. I see myself in the pictures. And I can't believe it is me in the pictures. I can't believe I was there. But I close my eyes and I can see the red lava flowing into the ocean. I can hear the noise it is doing. I can still smell it. I was there. Definitely, I was there. I open again my eyes and I see again the pictures in my camera screen. And I smile. And I think that smiling guy with camouflage pants is most definitely my hero. And I see myself. Probably you think I am just full of sh*t. But believe me, I am not. I am just happy, sooooo happy that I can't even describe it. I live for my dreams and being there and feel the heat of watch the lava dropping into the Ocean, was one of these things I always hoped to do before I would die. And I did it. And I am so happy ... so here are some of the most amazing picture of my entire life. Starting from one of the endless signs that was telling me that I was doing something stupid and dangerous ...I knew I was going to do something stupid and dangerous, but I thought ... what the f*ck, if I have to die ... I want to die here and not in a hospital bed! So I didn't care about the signs and I did continue my hike till I saw this ... and I felt I was living a dream ...... and I went down, with my friend Tina and there we met other guys who were doing the same dangerous, stupid and moooost amazing thing of their life ... watching the red flowing lava from 1 foot away ...Last but not not least ... in the Hawaiian tradition what I have seen is the perpetual battle between the volcano Pele and her sister, Namakaokaha'i, deity of the sea. Before I saw Pele and Namakaokaha'i battling each other, with my eyes I thought all this was a stupid myth, but believe me, when I was there I felt that something magical was happening. And I just loved that. And yes, it was pretty hot. The lava was something between 1000F and 2000F. And yes, because I am what I am, I did an other stupid thing ... I through a banana into the lava and it did fry ... :D


Priti Singh said...

Hi there,
can clearly see that u love travelling....wonder if u have heard of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, east of India, in the Bay of Bengal......was there 4 three years,...have writen a coffee table book on the place titled "The Islands and Tribes of Andaman and Nicobar". Check it out ....I also have a lot of info about the place and its people on my blog site called "Edit Page India"...
These islands are probably the only pristine place left on the face of the world. Come see 4 urself.
Priti Singh

Priti Singh said...

have said enough already

Andrea said...

:) ... I think I will go there one day ... :) ... for this year I think I have already decided my short trip and long trip ... already excited thinking about them ... XA

matteo said...

non sai quanto ti invidio, ho sempre sognato di vedere la potenza della natura, e credo che alle haway ce ne siano di cose da vedere da questo punto di vista!!!stupenda la lava, mi incanta!!!buon proseguimento di viaggio!il tuo cugino de bérghèm

Andrea said...

Anche la California non e` male ... quando vieni a trovarmi? XA

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