Friday, February 16, 2007


Dallas Airport for me lately means delays forever. Today I had a almost 3 hours delay on my flight to LA. An I wander in the terminal, I got 2 sandwiches and a cup of Red Bush Tea in Starbucks, I took also a picture ...... and I thought a lot about my working week. I thought to the trainings that I took this week. And I realized how "competence development" is important, and how sometimes the methods are so old and they frustrate me, how I would like to improve all this and ... finally ... EUREKA ... this is really where I would like to work in the future. I always loved to become a teacher, and I think this is really where I want to spend my future. And as soon I thought that I realized that this is really a work that will make me happy to wake up every day and will give me the chance to make the difference. And I am sure I will do a wonderful job there. I am happy!

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