Saturday, February 10, 2007


Gloomy and cold day in Dallas, Texas and I decided to go to a modern art exhibition with my lovely friends Brian & Nataf. Unfortunately the exhibition was closed so we hanged out in uptown. It is really a nice part of the city. Lots of nice building, coffee shops, pedestrian areas. In certain corners I almost felt I was in Europe. Which is very very strange when you are in Texas. I loved to be out with my friends and hear about their latest trip to Japan and Thailand and all the latest news from common friends in Israel. Took also some pictures, but the picture that made me think the most is this ...... a dog park in the center of the city. I felt so sad when I saw this. So sorry for the dogs. And so sad for their owners. Probably I am just wrong. I don't want to judge anybody. I don't know what you think about pets. Myself ... I don't like pets. To me there is something wrong in forcing an animal to live with me in an apartment. For a while I even had a cat back in Israel. I didn't want it. My girlfriend wanted it. At the end we got one. I guess these are the type of compromises you need to accept in a couple. I accepted. And it was a disaster. We definitely picked up the wildest street cat ever. We gave him the name Rumi, because when we found Rosita was telling me how much she loved this Sufi poet Rumi. Rumi (the cat, not the poet) has been able to attack a good number of our friends. I think at the end, most of our friends were asking to organize dinners anywhere else, but not in our place, because of the cat. When we left Israel we left it to a friend who was living in an open area, and eventually a dog killed him (not the friend, the cat ... Rumi). I felt really sorry, but at least I knew I lived free for a while. Not in a stupid apartment with me.

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