Monday, February 26, 2007


At the end the Doctor gave me the easiest medical advise ever. "Put some ice and take it easy". The easiest medical advise ever cost me $35. Here in US they call it "copay". Basically you pay already lots of money for medical insurance. But on top of that every time a doctor visits you, there are fees on top of fees. When I spoke about it with my dentist, she told me that she truly believes insurances are suckers. They make a very dirty business out of people health problems. What I know is that I don't really want to get seriously sick here in US. I have the feeling that the insurance will find a way to pull out of my pocket every single penny I have. But that is the dark side, I guess. The bright side is that after today's visit I really feel relieved. I appreciated how lucky I am when everything in my body works perfectly. There are so many things that can go wrong, or hurt. And like a miracle everything works. The wrists, the knees, the tendons, the feet, the heart, the liver, the brain, and all the other tiny pieces that I can't even name in Italian. Really amazing. For me it is enough to be sick for one day to realize how lucky I am. The doctor told me that even if the tendon hurts definitely I didn't tear it. Most likely I just strained it. And because in the tendon there is no blood, it takes a long time to heal. Apparently 3 months is a normal recovery time for a Achilles tendon. I learned something also today ... :) In the meantime I just need to play with ice and take it easy. Maybe surfing is good. Most of the time, I keep my feet in the cold water ... :D

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