Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Dallas freezes. It freezes big time. I am not used anymore to this cold weather. When I left the office this evening it was something like 35F (i.e. 1C). For dinner I got a yummy and warm noodle soup in a lovely Japanese restaurant and I came back to my hotel room. But I still felt the cold. So I looked for something able to relief my mood. And I watched one of my favorites video. A very nice speech by Steve Jobs. Among others, I really love his quote ... "You can not connect dots looking forward. You can only doing it looking backwards. You have to trust that your dots will connect sometime in the future". I know it is true, I feel it. But if I need to be honest with myself, I know that I easily forget about it. When everything works just fine, it is easy to believe in it. At the same time I know that when things are not working as I like, I get scared, I panic and I forget about it. It is like, when you are walking in a narrow mountain path, at the edge of a cliff and you are trying not to think neither to the cliff nor to the wall of the mountain. And you just keep walking. It is difficult, but it is the way to do. I guess this is one of the secrets of a happy life. Anyways. I wrote too much, I guess. So, here it is. I hope it will inspire you, as much as it inspired me ...


Anonymous said...

Really nice!

TiNa said...

Love the speech...I was inspired to take out my books...yes, I will start studying for my test -- not tomorrow, or next week, but NOW! XOXO :)

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