Monday, February 19, 2007


Getting high. I know it sounds exciting, but it is not. I mean in a way it is. In our case it is costing us the sink out of order for 4 days. The sink is the one in the kitchen and since I moved in, it has never been particularly nice, but in the last months it really deteriorated. Basically it was peeling off. I never really understood why. I have never seen a sink peeling off. We kind of complained with the landlord. And he found the solution. He did call the worldwide famous RAINBOW TUBS to repaint it ...... yep you got it right ... repaint it !!!I didn't even know it was possible to repaint a sink. American miracles. They are able to throw away anything even if it is brand new, but apparently they have special techniques, unknown to the rest of the planet, to recover the sinks and tubs. Here is our sink job expert in the middle of the miracle. Our places is still smelling like a car body shop after the repainting of an entire car. But it is not that bad. It gives a kind of a high ... :D ... the only problem now is that we can't clean the dishes and the stink of the non cleaned dishes will soon be overwhelming, unless we will decide to use the bathroom tub to clean the dishes.

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Anonymous said...

I think the answer is your landlord is cheap just like pretty much all of the others. I have never heard of 'repainting' the sink. I bet if there was a problem with his sink at home he would replace it.

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